The 5D CFO

How I Quantum Jumped in a Year...and How you Can Do the Same

April 19, 2023 Angela Marie Christian Season 1 Episode 60
The 5D CFO
How I Quantum Jumped in a Year...and How you Can Do the Same
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In this episode, I share how I went from a very dark place (just a year ago) to where I'm at now. 

One year ago: I filed for divorce, filed for bankruptcy, lost my job, and moved out of my beautiful home.  I knew it was the destruction that needed to happen in my life before I could move to the next dimension.

Fast forward a year: I'm living in a large home, had my first $10K month, launched a best selling book, and happier than ever. 

I didn't mention this in the episode: but I was also suffering from severe health issues a year ago that have completely dissolved.

These are the audios that I listened to when I began my self-hypnosis journey.

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Speaker 1:

Hello and welcome to the 5K c f o podcast. Today I'm going to talk about quantum jumping, which can still kind of sound like some sci-fi movie or show to some people. Um, but I have experienced it in real time . And, you know, I didn't really realize how much I had quantum jumped until I was reflecting just probably was it last week. Our world just moves at such a fast pace, and we often skip over moments of celebration that really deserve our time and energy and gratitude. And so it was when I was reflecting, actually, now I remember I was taking my daughter to our health club swimming pool, and I hadn't been there in a year, and I had a flashback of when I was there, there exactly a year ago and how different my life was, and it was just really profound and felt almost unrealistic in the moment. It felt like it was 10 lifetimes ago. And so I wanted to just share this with you because if you are currently in a space where maybe you're not loving your reality at the moment, this should give you some hope and direction. And if it's something you want to explore further, I do offer one-on-ones. I don't really advertise it a lot, but I do offer those. And I probably will start advertising a little bit more because I used to just teach primarily in groups, but I have found that some people just really need that one-on-one , um, attention. So one year ago when I was sitting in the pool watching my daughter play, I remembered the year before I was so unhappy. I was in the process of filing for divorce, filing for bankruptcy, and I had just lost my longtime job that I thought I would be at. You know, it was kind of my like, safety blanket. Um, I wasn't happy there anymore. I had reached my potential there, basically, but I was really scared to take that step of leaving. And when, when you are ready to upgrade and transform and change, sometimes even when you are scared to take that step, the universe will step in and do it for you. So due to like a management revamp, I ended up losing my position there. I had a lot of cutbacks due to covid, and honestly, it was the best thing for me, and I knew it, and I had been manifesting leaving that company for a long time. So I wasn't surprised because the universe does listen to our desires. And, you know, I feel like because of our need for instant gratification, we often skip over the necessity of cultivating our desires and then being patient <laugh> while they manifest. Because just like you know, flowers don't bloom overnight. You have to plant the seeds and it needs water and sunlight, and then they'll bloom. Same thing with our dreams and our desires. Also, a year ago I had been recovering from C O V I D , so all of this happened at the same time. It was a very dark time, but it was also kind of interesting because from the outside I was like, if this was any normal person, and I say that loosely because who knows what normal is, or if it had even been an earlier version of myself, I would've definitely taken the victim route. I would've been like, oh my gosh, like how, how many things can go wrong when it was actually all moving in the right direction? And I knew that, and I knew that deep inside that sometimes you build a metaphorical home, right? I had built, built this metaphorical home, and I knew that the foundation had to be destroyed for me to build my bigger dream home. And so I knew that's what was going on. And luckily I have a team of healers that are amazing, and they were all telling me the same thing, which just, you know, confirmed my intuition that this was all happening for the greater good. And now a year later, I can tell you that is absolutely true. And of course there were setbacks right here and there along the way, but I knew that down is on the way to up down is on the way to up. And I also knew that what gets me here will get me to there. And I just kept my vision on the future. I didn't let myself get lost in the emotions of the past or even of the current, like the present reality of what was happening. So it was a very surreal time because, you know, when I told people what was going on, they were just like, wow. So you lost your job, you're filing for divorce, you're filing for bankruptcy, and had covid on top of it. <laugh> , I was just like, how are you still functioning? But you know what I did? I woke up every morning, I did my meditations, I did my hypnosis, and I'm gonna get into exactly what helped me along this last year and what helped me quantum jump into where I'm at now, which is I, which I know is just a stepping stone into the future that I have been envisioning for myself. So sometimes people will get a little bit distracted or disappointed if their ultimate destination isn't manifested quickly, right? But there's, but their stops along the way, and I know where I'm at right now is one of those. I know it's, it got me here and I know it's going to get me to there. This is also what I've been working with in my business and what the ultimate decision was for me to pivot to the five D C F O , because I realized the power of tapping into our 5G potential in working with the quantum field. And I know that I can help not just individuals, but CEOs and businesses with that as well. So the first tool that really helped me through these life changes, which if you're going through one, you know, just keep holding that vision of the future that you desire, because I was stuck in bed with Covid during these changes, which I think was an absolute blessing because if I hadn't been forced to, to lay in bed and rest, you know, I , I could have been more focused on the reality of the situation and maybe got caught up in the 3D of what was happening instead of seeing it as a larger picture of the five D plan. So I started listening to hypnosis audios, which I will link in the show notes, the ones that I started with, because I still refer back to them. They were amazing. When I listen to them now, it's like kind of nostalgic I'll remember being. And just a quick side note. So all of this took place in a home I had been living at with my ex, a really nice, you know, two-story, four bedroom , four bath house . And funny enough, after the divorce, I moved into a small apartment because I just knew I needed to get out. I was tired of living in this huge house and being, you know , I was the only adult that was going to be cleaning up, and I just felt like I needed a smaller place. And I moved to a town that was, you know, just about 15 minutes north, or sorry, south. And when I was there, I just kept thinking, gosh, I really wish I could have that house back. I wish I wouldn't have been so quick to move out out of it. But I was also glad because I didn't wanna sit in that energy, right? Like there were so many bad memories in that house. And so I was in my apartment for probably only six or seven months when I just realized I cannot do this any longer. And if you've li listened to some of my previous episodes, you'll know that I was sleeping on a couch. I gave my children the bedrooms, and I just slept on the couch. I knew it was temporary. I knew in my heart this is temporary, I can do this. And I actually didn't mind. And funny enough, about two months ago, I moved directly across the street from my old house. So when I come, come out of my front door, I'm looking directly at the house where I experienced all of this massive change , um, destruction in a positive way and trauma. And so I still kind of go back and forth. I'm like, was this the right thing to move right across the street from this house where I kind of have to be reminded of that dark place. But then it also reminds me, look how much you have changed in a year. Look at all that you have done in a year. Like I had my first $10,000 month last month. I wrote a bestselling book during this dark time. It launched in October when I was in my apartment. But I started writing during this, these dark times. I launched, you know, my podcast. I started an online business and I've pivoted, but I'm finally feeling like the pieces are coming together. My side business has grown so much, and I am in just such a better space mentally and emotionally. Um, it feels like it was so much longer than a year ago. So it is kind of a good reminder, but I know that I won't be here long term . I haven't even honestly unpacked because I know this was just a stepping stone toward what I'm envisioning. And you know, there might even be another house in between that there might not. I might go straight to the house that is already existing in the 5k. So that brings me to my next tool that helps , uh, me get through this and that I use every single day, multiple times a day, which is visualization. Visualization is not just a waste of time. A lot of people think , um, visualization is a very powerful tool. As I'm learning even more about this in my rapid resolution therapy training, I've now had probably over 70 hours of training , training in rapid resolution therapy, which is all about how the unconscious mind works and how our emotions from the past can really keep us stuck, and they prevent us from moving forward into the future that we desire. And so that's, this training goes hand in hand with everything else that I've learned and everything that I'm teaching. It's all about visualizing your desire. For example, I, first thing I do when I wake up and right when I go to bed, and even throughout the day, I envision my home on a hill that I know is coming, it's already, it's already in existence in the five D . So we live in the 3d, right? That's , uh, our physical bodies, our physical environment, our current reality, the fived is the potential that's working with the quantum field. Um, it's energetic. And so in the fived , my dream home already is in existence. So I do already have it technically. And this is what I also help people do, is because some people struggle with saying, you know, affirmations, which is my next , um, tool that'll, that I'll get into, but they have trouble feeling like they already have what they desire, because it's not in the physical 3d. So part of your visualization , um, is knowing that it , you do have it. If you can envision it, it's yours and the fived . It's just a matter of time and technique before you can bring it into the 3D world. And not only that, but when I visualize, I focus on gratitude. I am grateful for the desire that I am cultivating, and I act as if my prayers have already been answered. I am grateful for this home on a , on the hill. And , uh, gratitude is the strongest pool , uh, magnetic pool for manifestation. So when you're feeling grateful for something like, I'm grateful for my dream home, someone might say, yeah, but it's not here in the 3d, you don't have it yet. How can you be grateful for it? I'm grateful for it because it exists in the 5g , and I know it's only a matter of time before it's here in the 3d. By being grateful for it now, it actually helps you quantum jump into your desires faster. It pulls them to you faster, and your thoughts, which is a whole nother subject, which I will get into after affirmations, your thoughts, send out an electrical charge into the quantum field. Your heart, where you experience gratitude, has a magnetic goal that brings the experience to us. So that's how you can start quantum jumping and cultivating your desires faster. And that's exactly what I did to get to where I'm at right now. And so when you start creating from that quantum field, instead of from matter which is 3d, you'll shorten the distance between the thought of wanting that and then actually having it. So what we're taught in school and at home is to work really hard, study practice, you know, spend a lot of time doing this, that that is all 3D crap. Like, yes, of course when you own a business, I work really, I work hard, but I also work smart. There's a difference. For some reason, it's like almost like a badge of honor to be like, oh, I work, you know, 15 hour days. That is the old way. That's the old paradigm. Working smarter and freeing up that mental and emotional energy for you to cultivate your desires and to help others do the same. If that's your path, that is the new paradigm. So if you can change information in the quantum field, then you can change the ex the way that it expresses in the 3d, and you can start looking for synchronicity. That will be the little breadcrumbs that it's working. And I've had a lot of synchronicity over this last year. So the next tool that I would talk about is affirmations. And I actually have a free masterclass on upgrading affirmations that I will link in the show notes if you haven't listened to it yet, because a lot of affirmations people are saying are just wasting time and breath. To be honest, it's really important to word your affirmations in a way that unconscious mind will accept and help you get, because your mind wants to help you, but the mind's prime directive is to survive, then thrive. So for example, if you grew up in a family where they thought rich people were evil, or you f saw that your parents fought all the time about money, like, you know, physically fighting, and it was just really traumatic, you're going to unconsciously, well, I should say, you might unconsciously have thoughts that money is dangerous, right? So on a conscious level, you might be saying, gosh, I really want to make a million dollars, or whatever it is. But then unconsciously that doesn't feel safe. It feels like life or death. And so I did an Instagram post about this yesterday about choosing preference and pleasure over pressure. So if you have a traumatic experience around money , um, and that maybe it's still affecting you, then it's going to be really hard to attract that because unconscious mind is going to want to protect you first, right? So in r r t we clear these, what I call data blips in your mind. So they're basically traumatic events and they're, they're not all like big T trauma either. There's like, you know, I remember very clearly when my parents were about to get divorced , um, they were fighting and about money, and a bull was thrown against the wall and shattered. You know, we weren't, I wasn't hurt, we weren't in any danger, but it was traumatic and it created unconscious blocks. I don't even like using the word block anymore, but unconscious data blips where you can basically think of it like a lot , a lot of our experiences just kind of like pass through a hallway and go into the storage room, right? They just pass through, they go into storage. But any event that had intense emotions attached to it, that experience can blow up kind of like a big marshmallow where it can't fit through that hallway to go to the storage room. Then on top of that marshmallow, there's a bunch of syrup that makes it super sticky. So now it's just stuck there and, and your unconscious mind thinks that it's still happening about to happen or it just happened. And so this is how people can have like, even illogical fears of, for example, of maybe when you were a child, you got bit by a dog, which would be very traumatic, understandably. And if you don't clear that data blip, most likely it's sitting there and your unconscious mind thinks it's still happening. So anytime you see a dog, it can activate that. And what that does is it, it puts you into fight or flight, which pulls the oxygen and the brain , um, oxygen and the blood from your brain puts it into your limb so that you can run fast. But then when that , when it's pulling that oxygen and blood from your brain, you're no longer able to access higher levels of intuition, wisdom, even humor. And so when you're in that state of fight or flight, it's really hard to maintain higher vibrational frequencies that will help you expedite and quantum jump into the future that you want, right? So this is all connected. It's all about energy. We are energy. Everything is energy. And so when you're saying affirmations that might be activating an emotional trauma or a data blip that hasn't been cleared, that's not going to help you. It could actually , uh, put you into fight or flight, right? So I do a whole masterclass on how to choose affirmations that will align with your desires. And also, you know, one key thing I'll just mention is being hyper-specific. So I see a lot of teachers with good intentions teaching their students to say affirmations, like, I am enough. Which sure, I understand the concept behind that , um, or I am worthy, but your unconscious mind needs hyper specificity. It doesn't know what that means when you're saying, I am enough. It doesn't know what to do with that. It's just like, okay, what is, what is enough? And in my personal philosophy, I teach my clients, if you were born, you are worthy. Like just the fact that you were born makes you worthy. It's the moralistic conditioning, which I have a whole other episode on that. Uh, it's the moralistic conditioning that makes us even start questioning our worth. So , um, using affirmations that say like, I am worthy, that's not going to do anything for you unless that has, like maybe you had a teacher who you really loved that taught that, and it brings about feelings of gratitude and, and a heightened positive awareness, then okay, that, you know, obviously that's not going to hurt you. It's not going to manifest the future that you want. It's basically what I'm trying to say. So the final thing I'll talk about today are our thoughts, which until you really get ahold of your thoughts, it's almost like you're on a hamster wheel. And I have people in my life that I love so much, and what they don't, don't understand is the words that you say out loud and in your head affect your future. So I'll hear them say, I'll hear them, you know, they're experiencing money issues, and they'll say, oh, it's never gonna change. Uh, it's always something , uh, whether you're saying that in your head or out loud, that is what you're perpetuating. That is what you're going to continue calling in in the future. And I used to honestly think that was kind of like bs. I was like, oh , that's not true. Until I really started learning more about Energetics Quantum Field and then getting trained in R R T, and I'm realizing our unconscious mind wants to help us. And so if those are the things that you're saying , those are the thoughts. And then what comes along with a thought is a feeling, and sometimes it's the feeling first. So sometimes you're feeling anxious about money. Sometimes you're feeling like, God, when is it going to like stop? Right? And then that produces the thoughts. It goes back and forth and back and forth, and you stay stuck in this like, limbo of not being happy with your current reality, but not changing either, because I have people who tell me, I really wanna change. I don't wanna have money struggles anymore. So I will coach them and I will say, go watch this video. Go read this book. What do they do? They get off work from there , nine to five, and they go sit in front of the TV and they watch Netflix. That's fine, if that's what you want to do, and you don't care about furthering your life. I used to do that too, honestly, when I was going through things or numbing out, that's what I used to do as well. But it takes time and commitment to change. So now what I do, or what I've been doing for the last, oh, I've been doing this probably steadily for the last six months. Instead of watching Netflix, I put my son to bed every night at seven 30. So then I get ready, I wash my face, I come sit down, and I'm, I'm in so many , uh, programs, I've had to actually like put the breaks on a little bit. And right now I'm getting trained in clinical hypnosis using R R t, rapid Resolution Therapy. And , um, classes are taught every Friday for like six, seven hours. And so I'm a little bit behind because I can't , um, attend the full class. So anyway, I'm watching the, the videos to catch up. Even if I don't have that, I'll , I'm in another program, or I'll watch, you know, Joe Dispenza or whatever it is. I'll do self-improvement. I will take that time. I will even meditate. I will do whatever I need to do. But I do not turn Netflix on <laugh> until nine 30, and I give myself 30 minutes, and I usually watch parks and rec , new girlfriends, something that's lighthearted funny. I never go to bed watching shows like Last of Us. I don't even watch those kinds of shows because your unconscious mind doesn't know the difference between watching that and actually experiencing it. So when you're watching a scary movie like that, or a scary show, I think it's scary. <laugh> , unconscious mind thinks you are experiencing that. So that's going to keep you in those fight or flight feelings. Like it's, it's just crazy how much has become apparent to me over this last year. And so if you're truly wanting change, you can't continue the same habits, you can't continue the same thoughts. You have to be committed to your vision and figure out what can I do each day to move closer to that vision? What would the future me do right now? Would that, would the future me sit here and watch Netflix all night until it's bedtime? Or would the future me, you know, work on self-improvement? Would I, would she meditate or he , so this is a really, really key thing because we have 60 to 70,000 thoughts per day, and about 90% of those are the same thoughts as the day before. And those same thoughts are going to lead to the same choices, leading to the same behaviors, leading to the same experiences, same emotions, same familiar feelings, and then it drives the same thoughts. It's a cycle that you have to choose to break to create a new reality. To create a new personal reality. You have to start thinking about what you've been thinking, what you've been saying, notice that, and then kind of like be the observer. And, and I will catch myself sometimes about to say something, or even in the middle of saying something, I'll say , uh, that's not really what , what I wanna call into my life. I'm gonna cancel that. It's okay to do that, but to change your personal reality, you have to change your personality honestly. And what is your personality, your habits, your thoughts, your beliefs, your , um, emotions. And Dr. Joe Dispenza, I have learned so much about this from, he is just an amazing person to truly change. You have to be greater than your environment, and you have to live as if that future vision is already happening in the present moment. And it feels weird sometimes, but I'm telling you, that's how I got through all of those changes and how I quantum jumped into where I'm at now. I will get into more of this in a future episode. I don't wanna <laugh> , I don't wanna overwhelm you, I just wanted to share some of these , um, things with you because they've helped me so much. And I, and I just this week realized like, wow, I literally quantum jumped. And I will tell you one more thing. Last year, my private clients, because I had a full-time job in finance , and then I had private clients on the side, which was always my goal is to build up my private client roster, basically to, to be able to not work a nine to five, right? My nine to five or my private clients were paying me $40 an hour. Last year, I just sent a contract to a new client last night, $100 an hour from $40 to a hundred dollars an hour in a year. That's pretty amazing. And that's not even a hundred dollars an hour is not even my value or where I want to be, but I know this will get me to there. $40 got me to a hundred dollars, actually, there were little steps along the way. I went from $40 to $60 to $65 to $75 to a hundred. My goal, my my ultimate goal is to have these clients on a monthly , uh, fixed fee, right? But I know I'm not gonna get frustrated along the way. I'm gonna be grateful for these clients who are helping me make these quantum leaps into the future, into my vision. And I have so much gratitude for them. I have so much gratitude for where I started and where I'm going. One other thing I will note about when you're visualizing, and I use this in my r r t practice when I'm working with clients, is that the senses are really important to incorporate. I'm actually offering right now as I'm still getting my certification discounted r r t sessions. So if you're interested in a discounted r r t session, I'm working with mostly just money blocks right now. So clearing any kind of unconscious money , uh, data blips , uh, send me an email, angela Angela Marie Christian dot com, and I'll send you a link to schedule. And then once I'm certified, obviously I'm going to , uh, raise my prices. The last thing I'll say is in this online space especially, we can get addicted to knowledge. And I am one of those people, <laugh>, my friend and I, we always joke about, we're like, okay, no more. We're not buying any more programs until we finish the ones we have, and then the new one will pop up, oh, I really, I really wanna learn that we're addicted to knowledge, but sometimes that keeps us stuck because it's almost a way of, it's an excuse not to act, right? So knowledge only goes so far. Knowledge is great, but you have to apply it. You actually have to put it into motion and make it an experience. So what I mean by that is me telling you how your brain works, how the unconscious works, how to maintain these elevated emotions of like gratitude for longer periods of time will really help you quantum jump. That's knowledge going into your conscious brain. But for it to actually create new neural networks and for it to become a part of your life and your new habits, you have to put it into motion. You have to do something with that experience or with that knowledge. So I'm just gonna ask you right now, what are you going to do with this information that I've shared with you? How can you apply it? How can you start modifying behaviors and start doing things differently so that you can create these new circuits in your brain that, you know, won't just be an intellectual understanding, but it'll actually become a part of you, become a new you, a new personality, a new personal reality. So I would love to know what your thoughts are and what you are going to do to move yourself forward. And I'm just wishing you all the best and so much love to you. Thank you so much for listening to the fived C F O podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you did, please share and tag me on social media. You can find me on Instagram at Angela Marie Christian and at the fived cfo . You can also find me on Facebook and TikTok at Angela Marie Christian, if you haven't had a chance to purchase my new book, manifestation Mastery, which is a number one bestseller on Amazon. It's still only 99 cents for the kind version. You can either check a link for in the show notes, or you can head over to my website to purchase. Thank you.