3 Manifestation Techniques No One is Talking About...and How They can Improve Your Life!

July 03, 2022 Angela Marie Christian Season 1 Episode 20
3 Manifestation Techniques No One is Talking About...and How They can Improve Your Life!
Show Notes Transcript

In this episode, I cover 3 Manifestation Techniques that have had a huge impact on my life and how YOU can start utilizing them, as well.

1. Upgrading your blueprint
2. The Silva Method
3. Quantum Jumping

I also give you background on how our minds work and why it's so hard to change our circumstances (hint: subconscious beliefs and programs).

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Speaker 1:

Okay, ladies, I have a rich episode for you today. It's a little bit on the shorter side, but I put a lot of thought into what to release today on the solo episode. And I decided, um, to share three of my new favorite manifestation techniques that I haven't really talked about a lot. So the first one is upgrading your blueprint. The second one is called the Silva method. And number three is quantum jumping. So before I get into it, I ask that you ground yourself, just take a breath and just set the intention that you're open to receiving new information. Cuz I'm going to tell you right now, some of this might trigger your ego or your conditioned mind, which is made to keep you alive. It's not made to make you thrive. It's just to survive. Um, you see, we have two different selves. We have our higher self, which wants to thrive. Then we have our condition mind, which simply wants to survive. So anytime you introduce something new or you start, you know, considering introducing something new to your life, um, that makes you question what you've learned thus far or something that could truly impact your life. Your ego will try to take over and steer you away from this because it means risk. It means getting out of your comfort zone and it means truly stepping into the path or onto the path and purpose you were put here to do. So you, if you've heard my trainings before, you'll have heard some of this, but again, as you know, habits, um, and hearing things repeatedly is what creates new programs. So as children from ages zero to seven, we were in theta brainwave, which actually registers below consciousness. We were born with our subconscious mind, intact recording things as factual, even when they weren't, this created all of our conditioning and unhelpful beliefs. After age seven, we were programmed by habits or repeated behavior and words of our parents or caretakers. Now as adults, we need to undo the mess that our caretakers created for us, which isn't their fault. It's just how they were taught as well. Um, this is why a lot of times you will see why the rich stay rich, stay rich and the poor stay poor, stay poor because there's these financial blueprints within them that get passed on to each generation. So as I've mentioned in other trainings, there are four ways of undoing. These programs, one is hypnosis. Two is through habits, um, or habit change. Three is super learning, which includes a ton of things. And I do dive into those in depth, in my manifestation course. So check out the show notes. If you're interested in receiving eight weeks of live coaching and guidance for me, and then the fourth way is extreme life events. So I don't want any of you to experience extreme events. I experienced my own in 2015, when I was near death due to microtoxin poisoning and Western medicine really failed me. So I started seeking out alternative forms of healing. And this led me to being trained in mysticism, shamanism, Reiki, advanced energy work, um, and astrology. So you don't have to wait for an extreme life event. Um, and then I'm sure you've heard of stories where, you know, someone receives a really life changing diagnosis, but then they have this shift and they're able to like heal themselves overnight. And it leaves the doctors just, you know, blown away. There's all of these stories. So these are just the ways. And I will say those super learning is the fastest. You can actually reprogram blocks within like minutes. So the first step to undoing this mess is to be aware of your childhood programs to do this. Just simply think, where do you struggle in life? Is it money? Is it love health success? This is where you have unhelpful programs now, whatever it might be for you, I want you to think back to your childhood, what were your caretakers saying and doing in this area of life? So I have a very specific guided meditation, um, that I do with my students to really get back there. But you can do this on your own as well. So then start understanding how is this showing up in your life? Now take ownership of it and know that you have the power to change. The next step would be to disassociate from that habit or belief and keep a really close eye on it, popping back up because sometimes it'll take a while to reprogram. If you're not doing it with someone like me or a coach, or if you're not using one of the super learning, it can take a little while to create these new programs and beliefs. So before I get into the three techniques, I want you to also remember your programs, affect your thoughts, which affect your feelings, which affect your actions and that determines your results. And you are the only one who can start making change. Um, and what I find to be the most challenging part of all of this is to understand your part in your circumstances. People don't want to own up to it. They want to place blame. And I was like this for a long time as well. They'll say things like I'm not rich because my job won't give me a raise or I'm not happy because my husband doesn't pay attention to me. No, you have the power to be happy unconditionally. That is our baseline. Of course, that doesn't mean you should be happy. 100% of the time. We all have highs and lows, but I just want you to know your baseline is happiness. And in these moments you have the power to take ownership of your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. Um, so really quick, I want you to understand that our subconscious mind, which is the one that holds all these programs, it's literally like a computer and it rules 95% of our life. And most people don't know that. Um, our conscious mind, those are the thoughts that you hear. So you think that you're operating from a place of consciousness, but you're not. Um, unless you've done a lot of work and changed all these beliefs already, um, your conscious mind is only ruling 5% of your life. And what that means is if I were to ask you, Hey, do you want a million dollars? But your subconscious mind has programs in it, um, that do not support wealth or success. Even if you say yes, um, you're going to go through it quickly. You're gonna sabotage yourself. That's why a lot of, um, poor people who win the lottery end up right back at the same place because their blueprint is set at a certain level. And that's based on our caretakers, what was said like society. Um, so the first technique is upgrading that blueprint. So as I mentioned, we were all born with a blueprint, whether it was financial relationship health, um, it's based on what our caretakers said and did in that area of life. Then we also start creating our own situations where these blueprints are reinforced. So just like a blueprint for a house is just a drawing of what the physical house would look like. Uh, financial or relationship blueprint is just simply a drawing that you can change before it gets physically printed out. So to speak before it becomes, you know, it's a thought before it becomes the actual result. You can change that. So I mentioned the four ways to do this earlier in the episode, which I dive deep into my course. So definitely sign up if you want eight weeks of live coaching and guidance on that, as well as the energetic techniques that I teach. Um, the second technique is Silva, the Silva method. Um, so there was a man named Jose Silva who helped millions of people all over the world. And I love his message. His message is within our minds is the power to solve any problem, overcome any difficulty and reach a consistent level of dynamic wellbeing. So he has a meditation technique that I love and that I've been incorporated into my life. And it really helps you in so many different ways. Um, it can help break addictions and destructive habits. It can undo these negative patterns I've been talking about. Um, and it actually helps you reveal your extraordinary power of mind. It also helps you overcome stress of, you know, this modern life and helps you get into like a natural rhythm of life that can really help you overcome any type of crisis. And it taps into your natural abilities, which I always talk about, um, and helps you figure out the true meaning of success. So I've learned these techniques firsthand and it includes tapping into your psychic abilities and expanding those how to project yourself into plants, animals, people. Um, I learned the foundational energetic work at my Harry potters school that I always talk about in Marin county, outside of San Francisco, but this, um, learning the S method really expanded upon that. Um, and I'll be incorporating all of these techniques into my manifestation course as well, um, or adapting them. So if you want to learn how to do these things, definitely check out the link in my show notes. So the last one that we have is quantum jumping and I saved this one for last because it's the most out there of all of them. Um, this is something new that I've been doing, but it's certainly not new in the sense of the world. So for a second, I just want you to think, and if you can close your eyes, think back to childhood, what was your childhood dream? Was it to be a rock star, a painter, an artist, a chef mine personally was to be a supermodel just like Cindy Crawford. And, um, but then of course life happens right? And slowly bills come responsibilities come. And that childhood dream that we had slowly slips away. And obviously, sometimes those dreams don't stay the same, but the sense of having a dream like that goes away as well. And it's because of, you know, society as being conditioned, all of this stuff. So just imagine though that there's an alternate universe out there and that there's a U who actually achieved that accomplishment. So for me, there's an alternate universe out there where I did actually become a supermodel and I'm successful and whatever. So now imagine if you could jump into that universe of you as a successful, um, investor or a chef, and you could meet with that person, you could watch them, you could learn, um, from them how they generated massive wealth or how they got super healthy or whatever it is. And then you could take that knowledge and use it now in this life to really get to where you, where you want to go. So I learned these techniques from a man named Burt Goldman, and he has a very interesting, um, past, he studied with people, uh, mystic in Korea, and then he learned the secret, um, uh, what is it called in Hawaii? The, uh, he met with a Kauna master and then he started, he studied with yoga, nada and all of this stuff. And so he kind of used all of this knowledge and created this, um, quantum jumping, um, meditation. And I use it every day. It's about 10 to 11 minutes and you can choose which areas of life that you wanna focus on. Um, and so I will be incorporating some of that into my manifestation course as well, because if nothing else, as I've said, it is a huge tool for creative visualization. So as I wrap up this episode, I just wanna let you know, my personal mission in life is to help as many people as possible, become the best versions of themselves. I do that because we really need some intense change to happen in this world. And it really starts with each person. So if each of us start raising our vibration and tapping into our happiness and our intuition and our dreams, all of humanity will have to do that as well. That's just a law. Um, so this is why I teach energetics conscious business and true manifestation. You'll never catch me teaching fluff. I actually want to use a different word than manifestation, but I haven't found it yet. So if you can think of one, let me know. Um, so with my book coming out later this summer, I'll be sharing even more about, you know, my background experience and my personal transformations. So I hope you learned something new today. And if any of this resonated with you or it's interesting to you definitely check out my course, I would love to have you, we start soon. So go ahead and sign up. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.